Angel Sib Thoughts

This page is an explanation of Angelman Syndrome as understood by the brothers and sisters who live with siblings with AS. The information may not be exact but it is as they see it. For more accurate information clickhere.

Picture of Jonathan and Stephanie

My brother's name is Jonathan. He has Angelman Syndrome. He is 18 years old. My brother tries to hug me and when he does he kinda chokes me instead, which is what he is doing to me in this picture. When he tries to play with the dog he always ends up pulling on her.


Nikki, Age 5, USA
My younger sister, Savannah, is blond haired and blue eyed; not like the rest of her siblings who have brown hair and eyes. She is skinny and does not walk or talk yet. She likes to play with me and I make special time to spend with her.

Jacob, Age 10, USA
My sister has Angelman Syndrome she is three years old and her name is Leah. She comes in my room and eats stuff like bookmarks.

Jace, Age 6, USA
My brother's name is Kean and he has Angelman Syndrome Del+. He is 4 yrs old. He hasn't learned how to walk yet, but he can scoot across the floor on his bottom.

Lianne Sarah, Age 17, England
My brother Billy is 16, we are very close in age and he has AS. Im very close to him and help him learn new things. Recently he has stopped walking. He has the loudest and most infectious laugh I have ever heard. His bright blue eyes and blond curly hair makes him very well known in our area.

Andrea, Age 15, Australia
My sister is Jocie, she is 18 and has AS. A year back she was also diagnosed with manic depression. She is the strongest and most violent person I know, and at the same time the happiest and most loving. She has an abnormal attatchment to my mother, which makes living with her like living in a prison. She has to be watch 24/7, as she has being known to burn things in our house as well and flooding everything and spreading any form of liquid (shampoo, detergent, etc.) around the house. She does not sleep, she eats without stopping...ever! She is starting to get large...NOT GOOD! She understands alot more than what anyone thinks, she knows what is going on, she is extremely bright. She is also cunning, making up little plans and lies to get attention or to getup to something she knows she should not do. Jocie is the most challenging and most interesting part of my life, although it is very easy to lose patience with her and scream at her.

Bradley, Age 10, USA
I have a sister age 8, with AS. Her birthday is April 25. Although she may attack me sometimes, I still love her and she will always be my baby. She likes to lick my face and scratch me and pull my hair. It doesn't feel good, but I understand she is just trying to get my attention and play with me. I love her with all my heart.

Brandy, Age 23, USA
My mother and I have been researching Angelman's Syndrome for a couple of weeks now. We suspect that my nineteen year old brother has it. He seems to have all the characteristics of a child with Angelman and also looks like some of the children I have seen. She is looking into getting my brother tested for Angelman and I am planning on being present for the tests and diagnosis.

Christine, Age 12, USA
My brother Nickie has AS.Sometimes its hard having a disabled brother. I just have to love him. Nickie has always and ill always be my little angel. Nickie is always looked at by other people. I just wish I could kick everone's butt who looks at him.

Samuel, Age 6, England
My brother is called Lucas and is 3 years old. He has AS. Ilike to wrestle with him which makes him laugh. I love my brother lots but he always messes up my bedroom

Jess, Age 14, USA
I have a 13 year old sister with AS. Sometimes she is very difficult to deal with, but I love her alot. She likes to laugh and enjoys drawing and movies.

Andee, Age 15, USA
My cousin Kesely is 11 years old and has AS. She is so sweet and kind. She has AS more severe than most people with AS. She can't do anything. She sits in front of a tv all day...but she is the most special thing to me.

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Age 4

Matthew, Age 4 1/2, USA
My brother Wesley has AS. Wesley loves to swim. He like to get into my books. Sometimes he looks at the pictures, but most of the time he eats my books!!

Nicol, age 4, USA
My brother Evan is 10 years old . We just got back from the conference in Seattle where I got to see alot of other kids like Evan. I have another older brother Kyle who is 13. My brother is always happy and I really like to play with him because he likes the same things as me. He loves to swim with me.

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Age 5

Heather, age 5 3/4, USA
My 4 year old sister is being tested for AS. I call her Amanda-boo. Her name is Amanda. Amanda messes up my room, but I still love her. She is in my heart. She screams alot but I still love her. When she is mean and pulls my hair and sits on my face, I still love her. She can draw.

Mikala, age 5, USA
I love my sissy, Kylie. And I sort of feel sorry for her because she can't do some things yet, like coloring, sleeping on the top bunk, running, and stuff, and she has to have a wheelchair to go places. Sometimes I get mad at her when she pulls my hair or bites me, but I know she's not trying to hurt me, she's just loving me.

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Age 6

Jay, age 6, USA
I like to wrestle with my little brother, Matthew. When I wrestle with him he laughs. I also like to push him in his toy car.

Alia, age 6, USA
Jared sometimes pulls my hair, and sometimes he spits. But most of the time he is calm. We like to watch TV together. I love him.

Tyler, age 6, USA
My sister is 3 years old. Her name is Chelsea. She has Angelman Syndrome. I love my sister very much and like to play with her. Some times she pulls my hair but she is still my sister and I love her.

Jennifer, age 6,
John is my younger brother and I love him very much. Sometimes he pulls my hair but that's ok. He laughs when I make funny faces or tickle him. I want to marry him someday.

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Age 7

Amanda, Age 7, USA
My Brother is Alex. He is 5. We do alot together. He gets on my nerves alot but I love him still and forgive him.

Kelsey, Age 7, USA
My sister's name is Erin and she is 11 years old. Sometimes she pulls my hair and is annoying, but I still love her!

Shawn, Age 7, USA
I love my sister Catie.  She is almost 9.  I think she is cute.
Sometimes she kicks me in the head with her shoes while we are
watching tv.  I don't like that.  Catie is lovable and we like to
snuggle when we watch tv.  Catie is hugable too.

Shannon, Age 7 1/2, USA
RJ is 3 1/2. He has brown hair like me but his eyes are brown(mine are blue). I like to play with him. He likes to take baths. He drools alot. RJ likes to wrestle with me and my Dad. I love him. THE END.

Michael, age 7 1/2, USA
My sister's name is Amanda and she is 4 years old. She is being tested to see if she has AS. It is fun to have Amanda for a sister. I hope she gets better. I hope that she has no more seizures. She does a lot of messes but I still love her.

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Age 8

Nathan, Age 8, USA
My brother Chris is 5 and is being tested for AS. He laughs a lot and loves to play in water. We like to play outside together. Chris is very messy but gives great hugs. He also likes to play on the computer and love the cat to death. He also watches the same movies over and over and over.

Brian, age 8, USA
I have a sister named Erin who is an angel my mom says. She is 2. Erin has red curly hair and is really cute. I love her a lot.

Kristen, age 8, USA
My sister's name is Heather and she is 5 years old. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. She likes to play with water and plastic. I have to keep my door to my room shut because she messes up everything. She is very rough when she hugs me but I love her more than anything in this world (I love my baby brother too)

Michelle, age 8 1/2, USA
My baby brother Matthew is 2 years and 4 months old. He gives really sloppy kisses and likes to play with my nose. When I practice my handstands against the wall, Matthew crawls over, licks my face and tips me over. I love him very much.

Luis, age 8, USA
My brother`s name is Didier. He is 4 years old. When I eat he comes to me and tries to take the food away from me, He is hungry all the time. When I watch TV he gets in front of the tv . He likes to play with water and paper, and I have to hide my books from him. One day he ate my homework during the night while everybody was sleeping and I had my mom to sent a note to my teacher. He has a very, very special toy and he loves him very much, it is a baby mickey mouse and when he goes to bed he hugs him and falls asleep with him, one day baby mickey mouse got lost and we had to buy a new one, and when he saw him after a few days he was so happy. I love my brother.

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Age 9

John, Age 9, USA
My sister Kelly has AS and is 6. She drives me nuts. I hate it when she chews up my homework. I also hate it when she grinds her teeth, and scoots on her bottom. She likes to scoot very close to the T.V. Kelly and I like to cuddle and watch T.V.

Joseph, Age 9, USA
My brother's name is Matty. He is 10 years old. He goes to my school. All the kids at school say he is cool. I like to go to playgrounds with him and tickle him at home. I always stick up for Matty when kids don't understand him.

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Age 10

Jessi, age 10, USA
Catie is 7 years old. She always is there for me when I need her. She loves to give hugs and big wet kisses. She goes to a special school on a wheelchair bus. I like to pack her lunch for her everyday.

Tonya, age 10, USA
My brother Taylor is 5 and has AS. He is the sweetest little brother in the world full of kisses (I mean drools) and hugs (I mean chokes). We call him TAZ because he destroys the house so fast. We have locks on EVERYTHING! So far the only thing that calms him down is a video of himself and a handful of silly putty. Even though he hurts us ( we know he doesn't mean to ) we still love him very much!!

Katie, age 10, USA
My baby sister Taylor is five years old. She also has AS too. She always opens my door and messes up my room. She pulls my hair, pinches me, and bites me, but even though she does that I still love her and she still loves me.

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Age 11

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Age 12

Paige, Age 12, USA
My brother Sammy is 5 years old and is still being tested.
He is fast and hard to chase when he tries to run away.
He loves VCRs, TV, and computers.  He is very loving.

Shandra, Age 12, USA
I have a brother named Dilan. He is 4 close to 5.He can be a brat sometimes but he also can be good too. He can't walk or talk but I still love him alot.

Misty, age 12, USA
Nelly likes to sit in her pool a lot and have me sing and throw things in the water to splash. She loves to have books read to her and she loves my singing. She communicates what she wants and doesn't want very well.

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Age 15

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Adult Sibs

Cheryl, age 21, England
My brother is called Steven. He is 24 years old and his birthday is June 21st. He is very strong and likes to give me hugs! He likes to go to the seaside. He loves sand and water. He also likes steam trains. I think it is because they make a lot of noise! He is very clever and he never forgets a face. He doesn't like to wear glasses cause they make him feel dizzy! He LOVES ice cream, custard and chocolate. He doesn't like to eat his greens He Laughs a lot and all my friends think he is great. He has a gilrlfriend too! He can't talk but can make himself be understood perfectly well especially when he wants you to put on a train video or get the biscuit tin out of the cupboard!

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