Who Are You?

We want to know more about you and your angel. What kinds of things do you like to do, and what would you like to see here?

Picture of Stephanie

Hi my name is Stephanie. I am 16 years old. My birthday is on Dec 25, Christmas day. If there is one thing that you want to know about me its that I LOVE dancing! I take ballet, pointe, modern and Jazz in the summer. I dance 5 days a week. I am there for a total of 14 hours a week without rehearsals for performances. I have a cat and a dog.


Nikki, Age 5, USA
My name is Nikki Repass. I like taking dance (ballet & tap) and going to football games. I also enjoy going to church and school.

Jacob, Age 10, USA
I like to play video games and ride my bike. I have a dog named Buddy and I like to swim in the summer.

Jace, Age 6, USA
My name is Jace and I love to play with my Rescue Heroes. I also like to go swimming, bike riding and to play soccer and T-ball

Lianne Sarah, Age 17, England
I am a very keen dancer, I have been doing it since I was 4 and now Im training to be a teacher. I love doing what most teenagers do, clubbing, going out with mates (friends) etc

Andrea, Age 15, Australia
I am Andrea, I am 15, I like reading, writing, touch footy and sleeping (aren't I an interesting person?!)

Bradley, Age 10, USA
I am 10 years old and my birthday is May 31st. I like to play video games, play with legos, ride my bikes. I like to go swimming and ride skateboards.

Brandy, Age 23, USA
I have three kids and am in college studying Early Childhood Education. I am taking a Special Needs course and was told to do a paper on a handicapping condition. When I talked to my mom about it she told me to do Angelman's Syndrome.

Christine, Age 12, USA
I'm in sixth grade at Woodland middle school. I love to dance! But I broke my leg and I can't dance until the cast is off. I have 2 cats and 1 dog. My cats are named Magic and Shadow. And my dog's name is Lady. I love all animals. I love to be around them. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister.

Samuel, Age 6, England
Hello I'm Sam, I like to go swimming and also to beavers as well as doing taekwondo. I have got two guinea pigs and three cats!I also like to ride my bike. I love tractors and anything mechanical and enjoy sea fishing with my dad.

Jess, Age 14, USA
Hi...I'm 14 years old and I am in band and enjoy running. I listen to linkin park and love to go shopping and to the beach.

Andee, Age 15, USA
I love to dance...I dance Ballet, Jazz, and Tap. I love to hang out with friends and go on road trips.

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Age 4

Matthew, Age 4 1/2, USA
My name is Matt. I have two brothers. Grant is 10 and Wesley is 8. Wesley has AS. I like to play my drums. My favortite TV show is Hercules. I also like to play with my Hercules action figures. Sometimes I watch Bear in the Big Blue House with my brother, Wesley.

Nicol, age 4, USA
I Love gymnastics. I go once a week . I love to swim and ride my bike. I have a dog named Santana. I like to play on the computer.

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Age 5

Heather, age 5 3/4, USA
My name is Heather de los Santos. I like to play with my sister Amanda. I like to play with my doctor toys. I started swimming lessons. I have my own garden. My favorite colors are pink and purple. I like playing with dolls.

Mikala, age 5(I'll be 6 in September!), USA
My name is Mikala and my 3 yr. old sister Kylie has Angelman Syndrome. I live in San Antonio, TX USA. I have 2 cats, Cosmo and Whitey, and a little kitten named Tiny. We also have a dog(a chinese shar-pei, or "wrinkle dog")named Buster Brown's Baggi Genes...But we just call him Buster. I like to ride my bike, play soccer, swim, play Barbies and play outside. I also like e-mail, want to be my penpal? My address is AUrban1234@aol.com

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Age 6

Alia, age 6, USA
I love ballet, to play scoccer, and swim. My big brother Jared has AS. I have 4 cats named Sunflower, Seeds, Spanky, and Buckaroo.

Jay, age 6, USA
I like to play baseball. I also like to do gymnastics. I also like to ride my bike.

Tyler, age 6, USA
My name is Tyler Carreola. My 3 yr old sister has AS. I like to ride my bike, color, and paint. I am going to be in 1st grade. I live in San Diego Ca. I have a kitten named Sassy, and I am going to take swimming lessons in June. I am glad to meet all of you.

Jennifer, age 6, USA
I like ballet and I play softball, I love to swim and do crafts.

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Age 7

Shawn, Age 7, USA
I like to play with my friend Daniel.

Amanda, Age 7, USA
I like to go horseback riding. I dance once a week. I am in Brownies. We just started a swimming program.

Kelsey, Age 7, USA
I like to dance. i take ballet, tap and jazz. I am in Brownies. I love to read. I like to play outside when it is nice. I love to play on my computer.

From 18 month old Angel Kennedy
Everything is new and wonderful and exciting to me. I love to laugh and I'm always ready for an adventure. I love animals. I have 5 cats (Bacchus, Baubo, Sam I Am, Roxy Bombay and Jason) and 2 Great Danes (Woody and Roxy.)

Shannon, Age 7 1/2, USA
I am in 2nd grade. I like to ice skate and swim. I like to read. I also like to ride my bike when it's nice outside.

Michael, age 7 1/2, USA
My name is Michael de los Santos. My favorite thing to do is play with Jurassic Park and Lost World action figures and toys. I like to play with my friends. I play baseball and my Dad coaches the team. I will be a Cub Scout next year. I was a Tiger Cub last year. I'm taking swimming lessons and I'm really good at it.

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Age 8

Nathan, Age 8, USA
My name is Nathan, I'm 8 years old. I like to play outside with my friends and my dogs. I like to go to school and singing in the school plays.

Brian, age 8, USA
My name is Brian. I have 2 other brothers 6 and 3. I also have a sister named Erin who is an angel my mom says. She is 2.

Kristen, age 8, USA
I'm in the second grade. I love to play softball, and basketball. I have brown hair and green eyes.

Luis, age 8, USA
My name is Luis. I`m 8 years old . I like to play outside with my friends. I like to listen to rock in Spanish music. I like to play soccer and I was in the soccer team of the YMCA. I like to play with water and I like to go swimming. I like to play with the computer. I want to be a doctor.

Michelle, age 8 1/2, USA
I like to play softball. My favorite positions are pitcher and right field. I also like to do gymnastics.

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Age 9

John, Age 9, USA
Every Wed. I go to Boy Scouts. I'm on a soccer, baseball, and basketball team.  I play the piano. My little sister Kelly has AS and is 6. I also have two big sisters, Lindsey who is 18, and Jenny, who is 15.

Joseph, Age 9, USA
I'm a nice kid and I like collecting dinosaur stuff and stickers. I also like wood working too. I'm in the fourth grade. I just got a scooter I ride outside that's lots of fun.

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Age 10

Grant, Age 10, USA
My name is Grant. I am in fourth grade. I like to rollerblade, skateboard, and play basketball.

Katie, age 10, USA
Hi my name is Katie. I`m 10 and I`m turning 11 on May 15. I take a lot of dance classes. I take Tap,Jazz,Acrobatics,Ballet,and Lyrical.I have 2 cats one cat is 19 and the other cat is 12. And I have a baby Guinea pig named Lucy.

Jessi, age 10, USA
I like to do crafts and ride my bike. I love all my sisters and brothers, but Catie is special to me. I love to help take care of her. I love animals too. Specially cats.

Tonya, age 10, USA
I am the oldest of three. My sister Cacy is 7 and my brother Taylor (AS) is 5. My favorite things to do are: play on the computer, swim, rollerblade, iceskate, play basketball, and listen to music. I also go to ballet/jazz class once a week. I am glad to know you are all out there to talk to.

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Age 11

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Age 12

Paige, Age 12, USA
I am in the sixth grade. I like computers, reading, & sports.

Shandra, Age 12, USA
I am 12 years old and my B Day is the day after Christmas. I like to
play Basketball alot,And my favorite color is green.I love to go
skating alot.

Misty, age 12, USA
My 11 year old sister, Nelly, has AS del-. She wants me to read her vcr jackets over and over and over. I like to read---long books. I like science, adventure, outdoors. I live in Redwood City, CA

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Age 15

Jenny, Age 15, USA
My 6 year-old sister has AS.  I enjoy playing with her and also playing sports.  I play basketball for my high school team.  I'm involved in many clubs and I'm also very interested in AS.

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Adult Sibs

Cheryl, age21, England
I am studying for a BSc (hons) Health and Community Studies. I have to do a dissertation for my final year and would like to do it on some aspect of Angelmans Syndrome. I love horses and have a horse called Murphy. I can't ride him yet because he is too young. I also have a dog called Pepper. He is completely mad and likes to annoy Murphy by Barking at him and running off! I am missing them both at the moment because they are at home in Somerset and I am in Chester at university. My birthday is May 19th I also like swimming. I play the flute.

Angel Mom

Melanie, Angel mom, USA
I am the mother of Christin who will be nine years old this week. I suspect that she may have Angelman's Syndrome. I just learned about it from a newspaper article. I hope to speak with her doctor about it this week. I also have a 4 year old daughter and a 7 year old son. I am a college student, and I hope to graduate with my Bachelor's in Psychology next spring. My kids are great. College is great. Both at the same time can be tough.
Hint to all kids reading: DO COLLEGE FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle, Adult, USA
I work with a individual who has angelman syndrone. I was looking up
the web sites for his mother to find some new stuff.  I find it very
interesting to work with him.

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